Mobile Grooming is an exclusive service that saves you the time and hassle of multiple trips to the salon while ensuring your pet's comfort and safety on their home turf. I am proudly breed neutral and can work on any dog that will fit in the tub, meeting you and your dog most anywhere there is a flat place to park. I bring everything I need and I do all the work in the Mobile Grooming Spaw.  

Mobile Grooming is best suited for well maintained pets. A dog's skin renewal cycle takes about 21 days so I recommend pets being groomed every month. All my clients have appropriate grooming intervals for their needs and situation. Additionally, I offer a complete line of therapeutic services addressing various skin and coat issues including hot spots, irritated skin, dry brittle coat, flakey or thickened skin, and hair loss. When dealing with skin problems often weekly treatments are indicated followed by monthly maintenance grooms. More information on these treatments can be found here: Therapies.

Charges average $90-$100 and depend on the size of your pet, type and condition of their coat as well as the amount of styling or de-shedding involved.  I like pampering your pet so I often address simple cosmetic and health issues I may observe at no additional cost. 


BC with Ball

All grooms include:

  • Shampoo & Condition with added supplements selected individually to enhance your pet's health and vitality 
  • Carding & De-shedding
  • Nail Trim 
  • Ear & Eye Cleaning 
  • Towel & Blow Drying 
  • Combing & Brushing
  • Face, Feet & Fanny trim
  • Styling as desired


Short Coated Dogs                


Short haired breeds such as Pugs, smooth coated Jack Russells, Pit Bulls and English Bulldogs require 30% more grease than other coat types to maintain their skin's barrier properly. I use products that nourish their skin and finish polishing their coat with Argan and Emu oil.


Medium Coated Dogs                 


Most dogs fall into this coat type and include Terrier, Field, Herding and Primitive breeds. These medium or "natural"  coated dogs require more minerals and proteins to build both the primary and undercoat. They also require appropriate hair removal procedures depending on the texture of their coat. Double coated dogs need a complete de-shedding plan and wire haired dogs need some sort of stripping to keep their coats healthy.


Long Coated Dogs            


Dogs that are long coated need collagen and lots of hydration to keep that long hair shaft strong.  This category includes Poodles, and "Doodles" Maltese, Shih Tzus, Bichons,  Yorkies, and Portugese Water Dogs. I prepare these dogs for hair styling by carefully washing, conditioning and untangling before drying their coat.