Atomic Dog! Grooming brings the grooming salon to your doorstep. Instead of driving back and forth to the salon and leaving your dog all day, I come to you and groom your dog right inside the Mobile Grooming Spaw so your pets don't have to leave their familiar environment. Mobile grooming is perfect for busy households. If I can get access to your dog, you don't even have to be home. I can come by, do my thing and when you get home, voila! Clean dog.

I give each pet the one-to-one attention they deserve. Mobile grooming is perfect for elderly dogs, dogs who feel nervous about the grooming process, or those uncomfortable with other dogs. For any issue I adjust to your dogs needs giving them a comfortable and safe experience.

The biggest advantage I offer my clients is the knowledge and commitment I have to promoting the health of their pets. I am a Certified Pet Aesthetician with Iv San Bernard USA where I  have gone through stringent training including learning The Science of Skin as well as applications in a medical environment. The therapies I provide heal a wide variety of skin issues such as bacterial or fungal infections,  itchiness, excessive flaking and hair loss. 


Advantages of Mobile Grooming

  • Saves you multiple trips to the salon.

  • Your dog stays on familiar turf.

  • No caging or waiting all day.

  • Individualized attention start to finish.

  • No additional stress from other dogs.

  • You don't even have to be at home!


Atomic Dog! Grooming delivers compassionate grooming for your pet.l. I am committed to providing you and your dog with thoughtful service and consider myself your partner in maintaining their health and well being. Using gentle, efficient techniques and the highest quality products your dog remains comfortable, healthy and happy.